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Giveaway Winners

The winners for this round of paperback giveaways are: T More, Lisa F, C Runner, Betty Jo H, August B, healergirl, V Davis, Don T, VampyreLady, and R Dietman. Congrats!

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

And in this case, the chicken dinner comes in the form of books! The winner of the signed, limited edition hardcover of The Scattered and the Dead (Book 1) is Jennifer T! And the four winners of the signed paperbacks

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It’s a Halloween miracle!

We couldn’t let Halloween come and go without delivering the horror goods, so we’ve done it. We’ve written the horror nastiness that might just make Halloween 2016 a night to dismember. Let me tell you a little about our new

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Preoccupation: A quick and haunting read

Rating: 5/5 Genre: Paranormal Suspense / Literary Mystery I don’t read a lot of short stories, because best case scenario, they leave me wanting more. (Worst case scenario, there’s not enough time for anything to really happen, so they seem

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Your Name, In Fire: Funny, sweet, and full of suspense

Rating: 5/5 Genre: Paranormal Suspense / Urban Fantasy This is not just “good for a new author” good. This book is GOOD good. Your Name, In Fire is full of endearing characters: Connor, the adorable nerd. Wendy, the new girl with

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