Silent Night (Loshak Book 3)

No one is safe.

A mass-shooter rages through Chicago in the days after Christmas. Brutal. Efficient. He etches a path of destruction through the city.

Shooting up the mall. Opening fire in traffic. Rampaging through a movie theater.

That’s just his opening act.

FBI profiler Victor Loshak heads to the windy city to investigate and finds himself swept up in a frenzied manhunt. This killer will strike again — it’s a question of when not if — so every second becomes critical.

As always, Loshak must enter the shadowy mind of the perpetrator to help catch him — understanding the shooter’s psychology will be the key to predicting his behavior, the key to stopping him.

The city veers toward panic. The killer seems invulnerable, always one step ahead.

And then there’s the blizzard moving in.

Endless snow. Wind. Frigid temperatures.

The shooter and the elements will combine to test Loshak like he’s never been tested before. But can he find the answers in time?

This pulse-pounding thriller will have you holding your breath until the final page. Fans of Michael Connelly, John Sandford, and Lisa Regan should check out the Victor Loshak series.

This episode in the Loshak stories takes dark and gritty to a new level. This was one of those stories that was near impossible to put down and now that it is over, the next episode can’t come soon enough.
David T.
I absolutely love this series. The only bad thing I can say is sometimes they mess my sleep schedule up because I can't stop reading! That's always a measure of a good book, isn't it? When you can't go to sleep without reading just one more chapter.

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