A Free Book. (And an audiobook announcement.)

The Vargus McBain universe is swirling with news as well as a sticky tan substance we believe to be butterscotch. (We’re kind of hoping caramel, but there’s a tinge of yellow, so we’re not optimistic.)

So here are two really quick annoucements:

As part of the build up toward the release of The Scattered and the Dead (Book 2.6) on July 27thwe’ve made the first book in the series free. Holy gratis!

Grab it here:


But wait. There’s more.

We’ve got two new audiobooks out and ready for you to ear-read, a shorty and a longie:



Dang. I just tasted it, and it’s definitely butterscotch. I mean, it’s edible, but…


P.S. Forget not that The Scattered and the Dead Box Set is 50% off for the next few days, lest ye regret it. Grab it before it goes back up to $9.99.

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