A Whole New World

Friends! How are you? I come bearing Vargus/McBain news.

First of all, tomorrow is the last day to grab Bad Blood (and a whole bunch of other books) for free, so you better grab it while you can, ya turkey.

Bad Blood – FREE on Amazon

Second of all, we’ve got another Loshak audiobook hot off the Audible griddle and served up for you with a complimentary dippin’ sauce. What Lies Beneath is one of my favorites. Grab it here and listen good:

What Lies Beneath on Audible

Finally, I’ve got two announcements. We’ve got another screamin’ deal coming your way this weekend, so if you like free books, stay tuned.

Also, we’re about to move across the damn country to New Mexico AKA a whole new world, so we’ve been blastin’ the damn 1992 Aladdin soundtrack day and night. It’s like LT is Princess Jasmine and I’m the evil Jafar or possibly the dumb parrot. Anyway, I’ll share more about that soon, too.

Later taters,

-Tim & LT

P.S. We didn’t really listen to the Aladdin soundtrack. I’m sorry.

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