L.T. Vargus

Lives in New Mexico

Lex is the co-author of the Violet Darger series and The Scattered and the Dead series among a total of over 20 novels. 

She writes. She sews. She makes messes. She is a terrible dancer.

People always ask how she got started writing thrillers about serial killers. She just writes what she knows.

According to her mom, she is a “world-class swimmer” and “highly verbal,” whatever that means. 

Tim McBain

Lives in New Mexico

Tim writes about creepy killers, both alive and undead, and tries his damnedest to freak himself out in the process.

Tim is… I mean, I hate to say this, but Tim is a bit of an odd duck. Squirrelly. Hard to get a read on this guy. Wears a hat all of the time. Shifty-eyed. Quiet. Suspicious.

I’m not saying he’s the Zodiac killer, but I’m not saying he’s NOT the Zodiac Killer. Let’s just leave it at that.

Weird guy.

Books by LT Vargus & Tim McBain

The Violet Darger series

Her body is broken. Wrapped in plastic. Dumped on the side of the road. She is the first. There will be more. A pulse-pounding thriller series following Special Agent Violet Darger.

The Victor Loshak series

A new thriller series starring Special Agent Victor Loshak.

The Scattered and the Dead series

With 99.7% of the Earth’s population dead and gone, the few who remain struggle to survive in an empty world. The scattered. The leftovers. These are their stories.
A note about reading order: While we intended them to be read in numerical order (Book 0.5, Book 1.0, Book 1.5, etc.), you can technically start with either Book 1 or Book 0.5.

The Awake in the Dark series

A 27-year-old slacker has seizures during which he may or may not be astral projecting. What he learns might have the power to change the world. One second JEFF GROBNAGGER is standing in line at the grocery store, and the next he’s in an alley where a hooded figure strangles him to death.
So that sucks.

Standalone Novels