Apocalyptic Christmas.

Fudge yeah!

St. Nick just delivered the big ol’ honkin’ Scattered and the Dead audiobook box set right in time for the motherfudgin’ holidays. Ho-ho-holy sugarplums!

Am I excited? Let’s just say my candy cane is locked into an upright position.

So here it is. 37.5 hours of harrowing apocalyptic survival, perfect for Christmas:

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The little elves worked their chestnuts off to make this happen. Lots of late nights, running on nog fumes, but they powered through without stopping. Not even so much as a yule log break. They don’t give a figgy pudding.

Don’t Scrooge yourself over. Grab four audiobooks for the price of one:

I think that’s all the Christmas swearing wordplay I can think of, so…

Wait. Nutcracker.

OK. That’s it.

Merry Christmas to us all, from L.T. Vargus and Tiny Tim McBain. We’ll have a big announcement right after Christmas, too — a top secret new release — so keep an eye on that inbox.

-Tim & LT

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