Fire in the hole!

Hey again reading friend,

Behold! Amazon is going on a Vargus/McBain deal rampage this month. Not to swear, but geez Lou-frickin’-ise!

First up, Bad Blood, the 4th book in the Violet Darger series, is a Kindle Weekly Deal in the US this week. It’s $0.99, the cost of about 10% of a Starbucks coffee, through Sunday the 20th.

Grip it and rip it:

Bad Blood is 99 cents on Amazon!

Next, the Dead End Girl audiobook can be had for $5 (75% off) as part of the Fall Harvest Sale on Audible, which runs through September 17th. Grab it here:

Dead End Girl is $5 on Audible!

This discount is only available for current Audible members, but if you sign up for a free trial, you can get a free audiobook, grab Dead End Girl for $5, and then cancel your Audible membership and laugh hysterically. So fun. I always yell, “Fire in the hole!” as I do it.

Oh, and I have no idea if this Audible sale applies in the UK or anywhere else. We didn’t even know it was happening.

OK. I think that’s it. Probably Amazon will put something else on sale any second now, so stay frosty.

More soon. 

Later taters,

-Tim & LT

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