Launch update. (And a Daily Deal.)

Success! Thanks to you, Countdown to Midnight hit #1 in multiple subcategories and remains atop the charts as I write this. Woo! (We also have an awesome $0.99 deal today only — keep reading for that.)

It’s a great feeling to know so many people have already torn through the book and thousands more are reading it right now. It’s neither the monetary rewards, nor the vast spreading of our art that makes it so satisfying. Nay. It’s crushing all those other authors that truly feels incredible. Just rubbbing their stupid noses in it. (I kid. The other authors are nice people, mostly. And as Hercule Poirot says, one must have consideration for those less gifted than oneself.)

Did you somehow miss the Countdown to Midnight launch annoucement? Well, here’s a super quick intro: When a serial bomber plants cryptic clues throughout the city, FBI profiler Violet Darger gets swept up in a deadly scavenger hunt.

It’s a full blown ripper. Grab it here:

Get Countdown to Midnight on Amazon

But wait. There’s more!

Amazon has selected What Lies Beneath (Loshak #2) as a Kindle Daily Deal today in the US only. Grab it while it’s cheap:

What Lies Beneath is 99 cents in the Amazon US store

I think What Lies Beneath is one of our best, so I’m super excited that Amazon is promoting it today. It’s the perfect time to get your friends hooked on the conspiracy plotline, too. Spread the word!

All fake pride and phony boasting aside, thanks for helping make Darger and Loshak successes way beyond what we ever could have imagined. I had no clue that life could be so fun as it is making up stories for a living.

That’s all for now. We’ll have more news in just a few days.

3 thoughts on “Launch update. (And a Daily Deal.)

  1. There are more descriptive words in the book I just finished (The Dead End Girl) than in a dictionary! Wildly intriguing and scary too. Amazing writers!!!!!

  2. listened to the 1st book on Audible/Amazon and became completely hooked. Disabled so I have a book playing on Alexa constantly. Thank you for sharing your writing gifts.

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