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Literary hard drugs.

I had to make sure everyone knows that the first two books in the Jubal Van Zandt series are $0.99 this weekend. They’re really funny, loaded with action, and set in a strange world that blends science fiction and urban fantasy. Highly recommended! Now’s your chance to grab ’em while they’re cheap:

Revenge of the Bloodslinger on Amazon

Beautiful Corpse on Amazon

I’ve sworn myself to becoming a better evangelist for the things I really love — to scream it from the rooftops, so to speak. So I’m writing this from the rooftop and just screaming bloody murder. The lady across the street is making that bitter beer face she always makes whenever I get out here and make a little noise. Yeah? Well, last time I checked, it’s perfectly legal for a naked man to climb out onto his roof and bellow like an angry gym teacher. Ever heard of a little thing called freedom of speech, lady? Look it up!

Seriously, though, this is one of my favorite series, and I think you’ll like it, too. Read it! Read it! Read it, and let me know what you think.

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