Loshak Attack. (And a bobcat attack.)

Yep. Loshak is back! The next Victor Loshak book is up for preorder on Amazon. You can grapple it here:

Take Warning on Amazon

This little novella raises the stakes for Loshak and Spinks as they ponder their unfinished business regarding the events in What Lies Beneath. It’s a gamechanger. Grip it and rip it here:

Preorder Take Warning on Amazon now!

Last week we were confronted with a different kind of beast in our driveway. Not a serial killer, but a family of bobcats — a momma and two babes. They attacked us not with viciousness but instead with old-fashioned cuteness. Lex nearly passed out due to acute cuteness exposure, but I gritted my teeth and got through it.

Anyway, we managed to get a couple pictures, so check ’em out.

That’s all for now. We’ve got a lot of new stuff on the horizon so be on the look out.

-Tim & LT

 P.S. Did you miss the announcement of the new Darger novella, Into the Abyss? You boob! Grab it here: Into the Abyss on Amazon.

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