Midnight Creepin’

Holy Crow! It’s happening! Violet Darger is back in Countdown to Midnight, her most explosive case yet, and she’s up on Amazon right now:

Countdown to Midnight is now available on Amazon

The paperback is also live!

Behold! This here midnight is blacker than a raven’s wing and spicier than a triple-atomic hot wing. It thrills. It chills. It melts faces and hearts alike.

You still reading this? Fine. Here’s the Amazon description to wet your beak:

By the time you read this, I’ll be dead, but what I’ve set into motion will only be beginning.

The first blast takes out an actor from a string of famous coffee commercials. A plain cardboard box in the mail blows when he opens it. Pumps hot nails through his face.

So begins the series of mail bombs that beckons FBI profiler Violet Darger to New York.

The bomber’s plan is meticulous — an ever growing spectacle of gruesome violence meant to spread his cryptic message piece by piece. And the clock is ticking.

Starting at midnight tonight, a bomb will go off roughly every eight hours, and a target will be neutralized.

The bomber has left chunks of his journal throughout the city. These not only articulate his twisted message, they contain clues about the bombs.

Clues for names. Clues for places.

Everything law enforcement needs to locate and disarm one of the bombs is there… if they can find it in time.

It’s a race against the clock.

Understanding the bomber’s psychology could be the key to deciphering the codes and riddles, the key to saving lives.

Darger faces a threat on a scale unlike anything she’s encountered so far. If she doesn’t solve the clues in time, thousands will die.

Let the countdown begin.

If you’re new to the series, don’t worry. The Violet Darger novels can be read in any order. Go on and treat yourself to this detonating thrill ride.

This one is a little different than the other Darger books, and I’m even more curious than usual to see what people think. Back when we were hatching the concept, I thought it was probably the best story idea I’d ever had or will have. The end result is kind of like a Darger book crossed with a Dan Brown book, weirdly enough. I guess I shouldn’t give anything else away just yet.

That’s all for now. Can’t wait for you to read this one. We’ll have more news soon.

6 thoughts on “Midnight Creepin’

  1. Please, I’m nearly 70 and an avid reader. Found your books a few months ago and read what I could. I need more of your books. Please tell me when the new books are coming. I only have about 20 more years left and I need them all.

  2. May I ask why you stopped creating the audiobook versions of your books? I have severe ADHD and consuming books is only possible by listening to the audiobook version. I have all the Violet Darger, Charlotte Winters and Victor Loshak kindle / audiobooks books and If I now would have to sit down to read a book I will sadly never be able to finish it.

    1. Our narrator took an unexpected leave of absence, and it took us some time to find a suitable replacement. We are hoping to have Dark Passage available soon, and the others to follow.

  3. Absolutely love all the books you’ve written. Can you tell me when the Victor Loshak book 5 will be released? Going through a bit of a withdrawal here.

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