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My Crackpot ASoIaF/GoT Theory: Who’s Your Daddy Edition

I have a theory about the “end game” of Game of Thrones. Technically, these are not spoilers.

However, if hearing someone speculate about the end of a story would ruin it for you, stop reading.

I mean it. Stop. DUDE! Why are you still reading?

There have been references throughout the series to the three-headed dragon. My theory is that the three heads represent Daenarys Targaryen, Jon Snow, and Tyrion Lannister.

Now you’re thinking, “Big fucking deal! I already thought of that.”


These three characters share quite a few similarities- including the fact that each other their mothers died while giving birth to them.

But the real thing that links the three is that they share a father: Aerys Targargyen aka The Mad King.


Let’s start with Jon. “Most” readers probably don’t accept the explanation of Jon being Ned Stark’s bastard.

I mean, Ned is Mr. Goody Two Shoes. Ned Stark cheating on his wife is about as likely as Tywin Lannister making it rain gold coins on some peasants (although that would make an awesome rap video). I’m not buying it.

Second, you start to notice that old Neddy boy feels guilty about something. Specifically, something he promised his dying sister Lyanna. I never spent much time wondering who Jon Snow’s mother is, because I decided pretty early on that Lyanna Stark was Jon’s mother.

So who is Jon’s father? The reigning theory is that Jon is the product of Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. After all, he did kidnap her. According to Robert Baratheon, he also raped her.

My problem with this theory is that it’s too right. It’s what most of the “evidence” points to. And it’s all clever misdirection, making you look away from the crazy king who raped and tortured people by day. And night. What I’m getting at is that this guy is a real jerk.

I think Aerys raped Lyanna. Rhaegar (who most characters agree was a decent guy) wasn’t kidnapping her. He was saving her from his crazy dad.

Which leads us to the second secret-spawn-of-Aerys floating around in all this. Tyrion.

We’ve already established that Aerys is a goddamned creep-ass rapist. I posit that he also raped Joanna Lannister, which is why Tywin quit his duties as Hand so abruptly. It also explains his ambivalence towards Tyrion and the “you are my son”/ “you are not my son” comments he makes throughout the books.

And from a story telling perspective, it creates an ironic parallel between Ned Stark and Tywin Lannister. These are two proud patriarchs who are concerned with their honor above all else, and they’re suffering public humiliation to protect children that are not their own. You can imagine both of them promising the mothers on their deathbeds to never reveal the truth.

My guess is that these three will join up in a Captain Planet type situation, with Jon Snow playing the Heart role. And then they’ll probably hop on some dragons and scorch the dickens out of some wights and white walkers. Also they will prevent pollution and defend mother earth.

Think I’m wrong? Ha! I laugh in the face of your doubt! But I’d also like to hear YOUR crackpot theory, so feel free to comment below with yours.

4 thoughts on “My Crackpot ASoIaF/GoT Theory: Who’s Your Daddy Edition

  1. Interesting. I like the idea of rhaegar being the good guy still because it never felt right about him stealing lyanna. I always thought lyanna willingly ran off with him to justify to myself that rhaegar was a good guy.

    I’m just struggling to find the time and place the mad king would have to capture and rape lyanna. At the tourney?

    I understand it’s a crackpot theory so I’m not trying to be a jerk lol. So here’s mine: *spoilers*

    Rhaegar is still alive and he is Mance. It’s not my original theory but it’s one crackpot theory I enjoy entertianing.

      I’ve seen others dismiss the theory for the same reason. But where is there a solid timeline from that time? We know a decent amount about the tourney. But it’s an unspecified amount of time later that Lyanna is “abducted”. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it said where she was even abducted from? I’ve always figured she was somewhere south of Winterfell to begin with, maybe even in King’s Landing.
      But really, I don’t think it matters. The same arguments you could use for Rhaegar being able to sneak anywhere he wanted could also be used for the King. They have the same resources at their disposal. They wouldn’t even have to do it themselves.

    2. P.S. I’m not opposed to the idea that Rhaegar is/was alive. Mance would make sense. But if he survived the Trident, my vote would be that he is Jaqen.

  2. I love it! My thought about Lyanna and Reagar as well. Raegar and Elia are sensitive and kind and so the kind of people who would try to protect Lyanna from the Mad King. Also, the Tower of Joy was in Dourne, where Elia was from. So in this with you. The Tyrion but is new to me. I would love that to be true.

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