New Darger for Halloween!

Holy Pumpkins! Violet Darger is back in Lonesome Highway! Grab it on Amazon now:

Get Lonesome Highway in ebook or paperback!

This is the 11th book in the Violet Darger series, and the novels can be read in any order, so come on in. The water is fine.

Ready to get your thrill on? And your chill on? And your Grey Poupon?

Well, alright.

This thriller was devised to intrigue, deceive, and shock-ulate. It serves up clues, suspects, and twists for the main course. Then it ladles on some jolts for dessert.

Want a little taste? Grab the book. Take the ride.

Lonesome Highway is out now!

You’ll think you know who the heck done it. And then the book will punch you in the throat.

That’s all for now. We can’t wait to hear what you think of this one.

-Tim & LT

3 thoughts on “New Darger for Halloween!

  1. I have just started reading the lonesome highway and expect it to be just as great as the rest of Violet Dargers series. Is there any way you could tone down the language though? Please don’t use the Lords name when using profanity. Also, I really would love to know if Violet and Owen are going to get married and what about Casey? He just kind of got engaged and disappeared. Oh and one more thing, how exactly did Owen get back into the picture? Last I read he needed a favor.. Anyway I am looking forward to n
    book 11 and the next exciting adventure of Violet Darger. Thank you..

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