This is the end…

The Scattered and the Dead (Book 2.6) is live on Amazon! Yahtzee!

Erin! Izzy! Others! Grab this baby and get swept up in an apocalyptic adventure:

Who knew the end of the world could be such an entertaining read, right? Almost makes you wish….

Well, that reminds me. Remember how The Scattered and the Dead Box Set is on sale for 50% off? That ends tomorrow, so I suggest you grab this thing before it rockets back up to $9.99:

That’s all for now. Let’s warm ourselves in civilization’s fading glow. I brought marshmallows to roast on the flames, and there are enough for all of us.


4 thoughts on “This is the end…

  1. I have read all of the books in The scattered and the dead series. I love them. Will there be another one after book 2.6? I hope so! I’m starting the Violet Darger series tonight. Thank you.

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