Take Warning (A Novella)

Some conspiracy theories turn out to be true.

FBI profiler Victor Loshak works a brutal murder case in Watertown, New York — a woman found strangled in her basement, her face gone purple and baggy.

But as he sifts through the crime scene details, his mind keeps drifting back to Kansas City, his last job. The human trafficking case there ended in something of a cliffhanger, and it’s a loose end that everyone else in law enforcement seems in no hurry to tie up.

The truth is out there. Always just out of reach.

Loshak finds himself changed by the events that transpired in Missouri. His worldview shifted. His priorities shuffled. He reaches out to the people close to him, hoping to make major changes in his personal life.

But they are watching.

When Loshak pursues leads relating to Kansas City, however, the warnings start. They are watching him. Seem to know everything about him. If he keeps working the human trafficking case, everything — and everyone — he cares about will be in jeopardy.

Justice bears a heavy cost. How high of a price will you pay?

The shape of a man’s life is largely defined by what passions he pursues, Loshak decides. Now he will choose what that means for him.