Lonesome Highway (Book 11)

Her body lies tucked in the shadows beneath the overpass. Steel girders yawing over her delicate form. Above her, the traffic thunders without end. Tires thumping over the bridge, over the asphalt. The black ribbon of the highway stretches into the night.

When a second body turns up in a truck stop parking lot, FBI profiler Violet Darger heads to rural North Carolina to investigate. These crimes are quickly connected to more. And more. And more.

The scope of the crisis balloons. Soon, a task force is formed to work a serial murder case spanning a 1,500 mile stretch of the interstate.

A freeway killer stalks up and down the eastern seaboard, his hunting grounds stretching from the everglades into New England.

The logistics strain law enforcement techniques and resources alike. It’s overwhelming.

Darger has never worked a case like this one. Progess is slow. Frustration mounts.

And all the while, the killer is out there. On the road. Free to roam.

Darger will need to dig into the history of freeway killers to understand the psychology driving the crimes. Only then can she hope to stop him.

But complications lurk around every corner, and danger lies in wait just down the road. When Darger finally finds her way, somebody is waiting for her.