This ends today. (And new Loshak audio!)

I wanted to send a quick reminder that Dark Passage (Darger #7) is free today, but the free deal turns back into a pumpkin as of midnight Pacific time tonight, by which I mean the deal ends. Grab it before it pumpkinizes:

Get your free copy of Dark Passage before it’s too late!

I also wanted to let you know that after some delays, the Desert Heat (Loshak #4) audiobook is out now. Get it here:

Get the Desert Heat audiobook on Audible!

I just listened to it, so let me say: Narrator Curt Bonnem brought this one to life with both the suspenseful scenes and the funnier stuff. It was a great performance, and I enjoyed revisiting the book. Might we say it thrills? It chills? It Buffalo Bills? Yes. Yes, we might.

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