Free as a bird.

Holy beans! Have you been looking for Kindle books priced in the sub-$0.01 range? Well, you’re in luck.

Dark Passage (Violet Darger #7) is free on Amazon worldwide through Thursday, May 2nd. Grab it at once:

Get Dark Passage for free!

Dark Passage is one my favorites, I think. It’s dark, yes, but it is also passege-y. The combined effect is intoxicating, especially if you snort ketamine while you read it. (Ketamine not included.)

For real, though, I think this might be the twistiest Darger book. It’s packed to the gills with suspenseful sequences, and it’ll keep you guessing until the end. It thrills. It intrigues. It parades around in questionable outfits.

We’re excited for thousands of new readers to check out the Darger series as this makes the promotional rounds over the next few days. You OG Violet fans will recall: the Darger books can be read in any order, so wherever you are in the series, you can give this a whirl.

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