Here’s the deal.

Holy crap! Amazon picked The Girl in the Sand as one of the Weekly Kindle Deals this week! Grab it now for $0.99:

The Girl in the Sand on Amazon

If you’re checking ’em off on your Vargus/McBain checklist, this is the third book in the Violet Darger series and my personal favorite. The deal runs through Sunday the 17th.

Here’s the link again:

The Girl in the Sand – 99 cents on Amazon!

Being picked as a Weekly Deal is cool as thousands of new readers will check out the series this week. They’ll read about Darger, Loshak, Stump, and Emily.

They’ll get hooked. Addicted to Darger. They’ll read a bunch of our books.

At first, everything is great. They’re good books.

Then, one day, something in one of the books rubs them the wrong way. They email us to complain, and they don’t like our flippant response.

They turn on us. Start a hate group about us on Facebook. Burn our books. Start stalking us.

They’re out in our yard at odd hours. Stomping on the plants in our garden under the cover of darkness. Blowing up our mailbox with an m-80. Terrorizing us.

But then as they’re spying on us, they start to realize that they were wrong. We’re good people, they see. Kind and gentle. A little dim but sweet.

They feel awful about all those burned books. Feel terrible about the plants, about the mailbox.

But then we reveal that we’ve been reverse-stalking them this whole time. Watching them watch us. Watching them sleep.

Even before they’d bought one of our books while it was on sale, we were watching them. We even stomped on a few of their plants. Hostas. Ruined ’em.

We all have a good laugh about the whole thing over some nachos. We’re best friends now.

That’s the circle of life in the publishing biz. Lotta ups and downs. Quite beautiful, really.

That’s all for today.

-Tim & LT

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