Lone Wolf (And a 50% off deal.)

Hey there,

I’ve got three bits of news to share, so here goes. (Keep reading for that 50% off deal.)

First, we’ve got a new bouncin’ baby book to tell you about. Lone Wolf (Victor Loshak #5) is up for preorder now. Grab it while it still has that new book smell:

Lone Wolf is available for preorder on Amazon!

Note: The paperback will be available for order closer to the release date of February 29th.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so let’s just say Loshak gets into a pickle and leave it at that.

Next up, an author we all know and tolerate is the Featured Horror Author on BingeBooks this month. Holy smokes! Go check that out here:

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Finally, let’s pin down this 50% off deal that keeps playing so hard to get. Dark Passage (Violet Darger #7) has been slashed to half the price it used to be this week. Grab it, grab it, grab it:

Dark Passage is half off – WORLDWIDE!

Well… I think that’s it. Oh wait, did I mention that new book and series we’ve been working on? Our longest book yet that’s unlike anything we’ve written to date? It’s a…

But wait. It’s not time to share any of that yet.

Keep an eye out. All will be revealed in time.

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