2 thoughts on “Win a Signed Copy of Casting Shadows Everywhere!

  1. Being a writer myself, I understand the importance of really connecting with readers. It isn’t about “gratification” (however, a little bit of gratitude doesn’t hurt anyone, does it??). It’s the feeling, the knowing, the hoping that a reader might feel what was in your mind while you were slaving away, writing wherever it is that you wrote; the knowing that all of that exhausting -not to mention frustrating- time spent living in the characters’ world hasn’t been wasted, because somewhere out there, someone FELT, because you had the ability to offer the emotions… for me, that plays a role in defining the word “writer”.
    I sincerely hope that I can look forward to feeling what meant something to you as you wrote, as well as what it would mean to me if I get the opportunity to hold in my hands a copy of what (if you’re even the slightest bit like me) made you proud enough to sign your name on.
    Sending Best Wishes,
    ~Jessica Ricketts

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