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I’m not a poser, you’re a poser, poser!

Epiphany of the day: being called a poser only bothers you if you are, in fact, a poser.

Second epiphany of the day: the only people that would call someone a poser are the ones that would be bothered by being called a poser.

See what I did there?

Seriously though, does anyone actually still use the term ‘poser?’ When you graduate from high school, you should graduate from that word.

To be clear, no one called me a poser. I saw someone else getting upset about being called a poser. And it bothers me that they care.

I think I make too many fart jokes to ever be called a poser. What’s the opposite of a poser? An anti-social weirdo? I think I’m that.

And you know what? I retract my former statement about graduating from the word ‘poser.’ Here’s why: if you’re over 25, then you should have no use for it. If you are under 25, then it’s only hilarious and ironic to call someone a poser, because I’m pretty sure all young people are posers.

That’s right. I’m pulling my old lady card.

I should write a self help book called Zen and the Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

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