Just Another Day in Paradise

OK. Not to launch right into a stream of vile profanity, but: Holy moly guacamole!

We’re finally ready to announce two, count ’em, two new Violet Darger releases! I’m so excited I’m shaking, and I just projectile squirted some of that guac out of my nose.

First up, the preorder for the next Darger novella, Trouble in Paradise, is up now. Preorder it firmly and confidently here:

Preorder Trouble in Paradise on Amazon

NOTE: The paperback edition will be available for purchase on or around the release date of September 17th.

Darger heads to the Caribbean to assist an ongoing hunt for a missing teenage girl on vacation. The case is a stumper, and the island is loaded with suspicious types. And sand. And secrets.

Turns out Darger’s old flame and “certified lean cut of beef” (his words) Owen Baxter is on the case, too. This is when the studio audience does that woo-oo-oo thing, because they know it’s about to get steamy… or is it?

We’re also ready to reveal the cover of the eighth novel in the Darger series, Countdown to Midnight. Feast your eyes.

The most explosive Darger novel so far? Absolutely.

The craziest Darger novel yet? Probably.

How excited am I for you to read this thing? Let’s just say I’m shaking again. Trying to hold in the guac.

This one will come out on October 8th, and the preorder will be up soon.

OK. Phew. Feels like I’ve been waiting months to announce these pups. I still have some residual excitement to get out of my system, so here goes:

High fives! Gratuitious spin kicks! Nose guac cleanup seshes!

Oh, and for those of you trying to do the math at home, this will be two brand new Darger books for the price of two. A steal!

More details to come. 

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