Paradise Lost? Found it.

Excitement! Enthusiasm! Gratuitious hip thrusting!

The new Violet Darger novella, Trouble in Paradise, is alive. It’s alive! Grab the ebook or paperback here:

Trouble in Paradise is now available on Amazon
in ebook and paperbook

We like to mix it up with the shorts, so this one is more of a procedural mystery with a touch of romance (and an emphasis on Darger’s personal life) as opposed to our general thriller stylez. Check it out.

Still here? Fine. Here’s the Amazon description to wet your reading beak.

A missing girl in Caribbean paradise. And an old flame to complicate the trip.

Check out this beach-y Violet Darger short featuring Darger, Loshak, Owen, and Spinks.

When 17-year-old Micaela Tolliver goes missing during her beach vacation, FBI profiler Violet Darger heads to Curacao to investigate. The case vexes local law enforcement, with plenty of suspicious characters around and comparisons to Natalee Holloway aplenty.

Red herrings. False starts. People who will go great lengths to protect the island’s long held secrets.

Further complications emerge due to someone else entangled in the case — Darger’s old friend and former lover, private investigator Owen Baxter. They’re working together for the first time after a bad breakup. The tension is palpable, and Darger begins to question the knot of conflicts in her own heart.

Corruption. Death. Sand. Romance.

Once again, Violet Darger shines her light into the shadows. And what she finds there in the darkness will change her.

Hot damn. Sounds like a full blown romp. Let’s read it. 

That’s all for now, but we’re only three weeks away from the next Darger novel, which is a shocker. Can’t wait. 

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