Pumpkin faces in the night.

Holy Halloweenis! Brace yourselves to be overrun with horror.

It’s time once again for our annual Halloween Blowout Bonanza Party Bash & Beefy Barbeque Banquet Liquidation Sale & Brunch. Yep. The classic HBBPB&BBBLS&B is back!

This year we present you with The Scattered and the Dead Boxset for a scant $0.99. Grab it here:

The Scattered and the Dead Box Set on Amazon

That’s like 1600 apocalyptic pages for the price of about 1/6 of a Starbucks coffee — the price of just the pumpkin spice backwash, you could say. An incredible deal.

But wait. There’s more.

Halloween is dear to our hearts, so how about a bunch more $0.99 horror novels? Yes. Check out all the deals here:

Authors like JA Konrath, Patrick Logan, and Jeff Strand are featured there! So trick or treat yourself appropriately. You’re more than worth it.

So bring out your zombies, your werewolves, your haunted houses, and your scary grandmas. Halloween is here. This is the night to laugh at death!

-Tim & LT

 P.S. Did you skip to the end lookin’ for a candy handout? You perv! All the treats are located here:

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