I just wanted to let everyone know that, thanks to you, the new Darger novel, Five Days Post Mortem, achieved our best ever launch day ranking. Of all the 6,000,000+ books available for the Kindle, we hit #122. We also hit #1 in a bunch of subcategories, and we’re still #1 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries and Pulp Thrillers at the moment. (“Hard-Boiled” and “Pulp” makes me want some eggs and orange juice to go with my Darger, part of a complete thriller breakfast.)

Here’s us sandwiched between Stephen King and the dreaded Bird Box. Wait. Don’t look! Shit.

Thanks for being part of it. We couldn’t have blown past Stephen King without you.

If you didn’t grab the book yet, here’s a super quick intro:

When floating corpses wash up on the banks of an Oregon river, profiler Violet Darger heads to the Pacific Northwest to hunt another serial killer. What she finds in the woods could change her life forever.

It’s the fifth book in the Violet Darger series, but they’re written as stand-alones, so you can jump right in here. The book is $3.99 until Wednesday when it will go up to $5.99. Grab it now and save 33%.

Five Days Post Mortem on Amazon

Weirdly, the last time we had a Darger launch, our dog had to go to the emergency vet. He wound up being fine. He’d pulled a muscle, most likely, and after a few days of pain meds and rest, he was back to tearing around the place like a Tasmanian Devil on bath salts.

Well, a new Darger book is here, and the animals are getting crazy again.

Our 15-year-old cat, Grady, got a radioactive iodine shot for his hyperthyroidism in mid-December. He got out of quarantine Christmas Eve, and now he’s gaining weight and getting healthy — best gift we got this year.

Our dog, Benny, got sick again around that same time. A day of vomiting. A week of horrendous diarrhea. It was a reaction to new food, but now he’s back to Tasmanian Devil-ing, drinking whiskey, carousing, gambling, etc.

And now our 7-year-old cat, Ghost, joined the ranks of the ill. He was sneezing non-stop on launch day and didn’t eat anything yesterday. Thankfully, he seems much improved today.

(Ghost’s brother, Sirius Black, is also pictured because I don’t want him to feel left out. He has suffered no medical issues of late, but he is a goofball.)

These guys have gone years without problems, so I think there’s only one possible explanation. My animals are allergic to Violet Darger and/or kickass thrillers.

That’s all for now. We’ll get in touch one more time about the Five Days Post Mortem launch to make sure no Darger fan is left behind.

-Tim & LT

P.S. Did you scroll straight past all the adorable animal pictures? I respect your heartlesness. Grab Five Days Post Mortem while it’s cheap: Five Days Post Mortem on Amazon

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