The Big 3.04. (And A Darger Video.)


It is us, L.T. Vargus and Tim McBain AKA Timothy R.R. McBain AKA Tim “the Tool Man” McBain AKA none of these nicknames are real. Crap. I thought this email would start a lot cooler.

Wait! Don’t leave. I’ve got two juicy bits of news to share, including a video. (But you’ll have to wait a bit for that.)

Did you know that The Scattered and the Dead series launched exactly 3 years and 16 days ago? Yep. The big 3.04 anniversary everyone is always talking about.

Obviously, a key anniversary like this is cause for celebration, so we’ve slashed prices accordingly. The Scattered and the Dead Box Set is now $3.99. Get it here:

That’s over 60% off, and over 72% off the price of buying the books individually. Goodness gracious! Grab it while it’s cheap:

But wait. The 3.04 Jubilee is only beginning:

We made a little video trailer for Dead End Girl, and we would love for you to check it out and let us know what you think:


Want to help us out? Leave a comment on that video post. Let the world know what you think of the Violet Darger series.

We’re still working on that top secret project I mentioned recently, and we hope to have something ready to share soon. Be on the lookout for more news.

-Tim the Tool Man & LT


4 thoughts on “The Big 3.04. (And A Darger Video.)

  1. Just started Dead End Girl and I’m happy with the story and with your writing. If I like a book, you can be sure it’s good. Thanks DBZ WMU 1969

  2. Why isn’t Darger with Loshak anymore? Really, I prefer the team. Is Darger getting HER OWN series–or what?

    1. The series has always been “The Violet Darger series.” That being said, just because Darger and Loshak aren’t working together at the moment doesn’t mean they won’t team up again.

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