Tis the season to read thrillers.

Hey reading friend,

We here at Vargus/McBain HQ are wearing our elf gear — the North Pole elf gear, not that Legolas crap — and we come bearing gifts!

Silent Night (Loshak #3), our Christmas and New Year’s themed thriller, is a Kindle Monthly Deal. This thing is 50% off at $2.99 through the 31st in the US and Canada. Grab it now:

Silent Night cover image

Silent Night is just 2.99!

Ho-ho-Holy Night! Like all good Christmas tales, this thing is packed with violence. A gunman opens fire on a mall food court in Chicago. Loshak digs into his warped psychology, tries to make sense of the madness and put a stop to the crimes.

What unfolds is an action-packed thrillfest set in a Chicago blizzard. The wind is a-blowin’. The snow is a-snowin’. It’s a full-blown ripper.

I really love books set in a bleak, wintry snowscape, especially the ones set around the holidays, and it was a lot of fun to write this one. The blizzard scenes are my favorite.

Oh, and fear not if you’re new to the Loshak series. These things can be read in any order, and I think Silent Night would make a great entry point to the series for newcomers.

Go on and pour yourself a hot cocoa with extra ‘mallows, curl up in your toastiest blanket, and read about some poor bastard trapped out in the cold during the holidays. Trust me, there’s no better feeling in the world.

It’s Christmastime. Treat yourself.

That’s all for now. We’ll have some new release news very soon.

Happy holidays,

-Tim & LT

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