Sand Gets in Your Eyes

Holy sandstorm!

The Girl in the Sand is free through Thursday, and believe me, this is the kind of sand you want in your eyes via reading.

Grab it here:

The Girl in the Sand on Amazon

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your mama.

I have to say it: The Violet Darger series has reached a level of success far beyond our wildest dreams. We have reached hundreds of thousands of people with these books, and it is such an incredible feeling. Through this free deal, The Girl in the Sand is already ranked in the top 30 on Amazon, and it will go out to millions of readers through Bookbub on Thursday. We’ll probably hit #1 again, and thousands more will get to know Violet Darger.

Thanks for reading and supporting us. It means the world.

Lately I feel like such a hot shot. I strut around my house wearing sunglasses, singing that Peter Gabriel song “Big Time” under my breath. Without you, I’d probably only be Medium Time, so thanks again.



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