Beyond Good and Evil


We’re back with a new book — a new series, even — and a new tag-team partner as well, the great E.M. Smith.

You may recognize the star of our new series, however:


Special Agent Victor Loshak.

Yep. He likes his Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shaken, not stirred. And now, for the first time, he’s on his own.

Beyond Good & Evil pits Loshak against a brutal serial killer. A shadow who walks the night, crawls into people’s windows and savages them in their beds.

This is quite possibly the darkest — and scariest — thing we’ve ever written. It is brutal. Ferocious. Does not sugarcoat the realities of this type of violence even a little.

It was inspired by a real serial killer, of course. Probably the one who scares me the most of ’em all.

But I think it balances that darkness with a lot of heart. This one surprised me. Made me feel a lot of feelings in the ol’ brain folds.

I’m really, really excited to unleash it later this month.

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