The Scattered and the Dead (Book 3)

This is the end. Read the stunning conclusion to The Scattered and the Dead series in this third and final volume.

This is the way the world ends. With 99.7% of the population dead and gone, and the rest left to fight over the scraps.

Extinction threatens. War rages across the land. Violence and death still linger around every corner.

So what’s left of humanity?

Izzy and Erin face new challenges as supplies dwindle despite there being more mouths to feed.

Baghead and Delfino reach their destination.

Lorraine journeys into the unknown.

Father struggles to keep his grip on his flock.

All paths cross. All is revealed. But who will make it, and who won’t? And what will be left of the world?

Read and find out for yourself. Grab The Scattered and the Dead: Book Three today.

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The Scattered and the Dead series

With 99.7% of the Earth’s population dead and gone, the few who remain struggle to survive in an empty world. The scattered. The leftovers. These are their stories.
A note about reading order: While we intended them to be read in numerical order (Book 0.5, Book 1.0, Book 1.5, etc.), you can technically start with either Book 1 or Book 0.5.

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So that sucks.

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