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The best month of the year is upon us. Let us rejoice with literary delights. And candy. And movies packed with unspeakable horror. (And more Loshak! More on that in a bit.)

Turns out it’s physically impossible for me to transmit candy to you through email. (I just spent like three hours talking to the IT guys about maybe trying to shove fun size Snickers bars into the DVD slot of my laptop and having them sent to you, and they gave me a hard no.)

I come bearing a list of awesome books instead, including a free one and a couple at $0.99. It’s Halloween candy for your imagination.

First up, we’ve got the short Loshak sequel, The Good Life CrisisThis sweet baby comes out on October 25th, but you can preorder it now:
Get The Good Life Crisis on Amazon now

Everyone has secrets. Even the dead. Loshak hunts another killer in New Mexico, and it turns out to be his weirdest case yet. (You can actually grab this for free, if you want. Check the author’s note at the back of Beyond Good & Evil for details.)


Next on the October list: How about one of my favorite series of all time?

The Revenge of the Bloodslinger

Urban fantasy that bludgeons the reader with entertainment. Jubal Van Zandt is a hilarious and despicable character. I love everything about him and his adventures in the Revived Earth. I’d say fans of Jim ButcherArcher, and Vargus/McBain should grab this immediately. If you’re already a JVZ reader, don’t forget to grab the new book in the series, too.


What about an October freebie, you say? Grab Bad Decisions by our new tag team partner, E. M. Smith.

Bad Decisions

Jamie Kendrick is an action hero with a big heart and a bigger mouth. His stories will spike the crap out of your adrenaline. Like action and thrills? You’ll love this. Grab the first book in the series for free.


Or check out a brand new thriller from Willow Rose.

Girl Next Door

Inspired by a true story. Home alone with six children while his wife – country superstar Shannon King – is on tour, Detective Jack Ryder gets the most terrifying case of his career, chasing a deranged serial killer unlike anyone he has ever seen.


Looking for something a little more literary? Here are a couple of those:

A Breath After Drowning


Appalachian Alchemy

A Breath After Drowning is a psychological thriller by the award-winning Blanchard, and it is dope. I think fans of Gillian Flynn and Karin Slaughter would love it. Appalachian Alchemy is a coming of age story that reminded me of John Steinbeck. I tore through it in a day.


And lastly, a $0.99 box set, once more from Willow Rose.

Rebekka Franck, Vol 1-3

A horrific page-turner: Journalist Rebekka returns to her birthplace to escape a failed marriage and start over with her young daughter. Instead, she must investigate her sleepy little hometown’s first serial killer…

Fans of King and Koontz will devour this dark and twisty thriller.


There. Hopefully that filled up your October reading tank with literary treats.

Now I just have to figure out how to get all of these squished Snickers out of the inside of my computer. I’m hungry.

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