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A Brief History of Shadows. (Let us know what you think.)

I wanted to share some relics of the Vargus & McBain past and get your opinion on something, but first, let me say this:

The Casting Shadows Everywhere launch is off to an awesome start. We hit numerous #1 spots in the new release charts. Thanks so much to everyone who grabbed a copy.

The link is here if you didn’t snag it yet. Get it while it’s 40% off:

Casting Shadows Everywhere on Amazon

Hilariously enough, the 2019 edition of Casting Shadows Everywhere sold more copies in a day than the original version sold in its first year. Craziness. You guys are some rabid book animals, and I respect your voracious appetites for literature.

I wanted to share the cover history of our first book. All of this artwork was done by LT, but I did contribute by bugging her pretty much the whole time she worked on them. (Her anguish really comes through in the art. My work here is done.)

Let us know which one you like best:

The May 2013 cover looks like an Agatha Christie book, but I still think it’s a cool cover.

The first revision of the cover looks darker and more modern. We put this out some time in mid-2014, I think.

The brand new cover for the 2019 edition is my favorite, I think.

So what say you? Which cover do you like best?

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