Serial Killer Christmas is here!

Ho-ho-holy night. Loshak is back!

Silent Night, Book 3 in the Victor Loshak series, is up on Amazon. Grab it:

Silent Night cover image

Silent Night on Amazon

This little Christmas goose packs a lot of drama in its carcass. Good and evil. Naughty and nice. So many gifts.

If you missed our earlier emails, here’s a super fast intro:

When a mass shooter terrifies Chicago in the days after Christmas, Victor Loshak heads to the windy city to investigate. The manhunt gets turned on its head when Loshak becomes the hunted.

Get Silent Night on Amazon now

Phew. That was a lot of work. Time to tip back a couple of glasses of nog to celebrate. (It’s tough to get this time of year, but I know a guy.) And yeah, we aren’t afraid to mix a little of the hard stuff with our eggnog: nutmeg.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this one. Let us know.

We’ll have more news to share soon.

Later taters,

-Tim & LT

P.S. WAIT. Put the pitchfork down. The paperback edition of Silent Night is coming soon. (PUT IT DOWN!) It takes Amazon a day or so to approve the files for printing, but we will be sure to update you here and on Facebook when the paperback goes live.

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