Watch Her Sleep

Commotion! Enthusiasm! Intense pelvic thrusting! Our new novel, Watch Her Sleep, is live now! Grab it here:

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The paperback and audiobook are also live:
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Holy Cannoli! This creep-fest is loaded with more thrills than a shark tank, more chills than a Texas power outage, and more frills than a rug that really ties the room together. (WARNING: Frilly floor coverings not included.)

For real, though, this might be our creepiest novel yet. No hesitation. It leaps straight for the damn jugular. I can’t wait for it to get loose among the reading public and wreak havoc.

Oh, and while this is third novel in the Charlie Winters series, the books can be read in any order. Go on. Treat yourself.

Watch Her Sleep on Amazon – Apple – Kobo – Google

You’re still here? Fine. Give this Amazon description a once-over to whet your reading appetite:

Nestled in the autumn leaves, her hair tangled in thick brambles, the girl looks like she could be sleeping amongst the wild roses. But the trail of red across her delicate throat means this is a slumber she will never wake from…

When a search party trawling Salem Island find a girl’s body curled on the damp earth, the hunt for missing waitress Emma Jacobis grinds to a devastating halt. The day before, Emma had come to Detective Charlie Winters convinced someone was watching her. In her trembling hand she held a sketch of herself sleeping peacefully with the stuffed rabbit she’d had since she was a child. On the back, scrawled in black ink: You will be mine…

A box containing handwritten letters found under Emma’s bed is Charlie’s first lead. But the handwriting isn’t a match to the note left for Emma. With the help of her new assistant, a troubled girl eager to learn the ropes, Charlie’s only hope is to canvas the bar where Emma worked. There, she finds a woman with fear in her eyes and a terrifying story to tell about an encounter with a dangerous stranger. Is someone in this small town targeting vulnerable girls as prey?

Certain she’s found a twisted killer’s hunting ground, and with time running out before he strikes again, Charlie must put her life on the line to lure him out into the open. But when a scream pierces through the night, will Charlie survive the consequences? She has to, or there’s no knowing how many more innocent girls will die…

You’re real peckish for thrills now, ain’t ya? See? Told you to grab the darn thing, didn’t I?

Well, don’t just sit there. Go on and grab it!
Watch Her Sleep on Amazon – Apple – Kobo – Google

That’s all for now. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you think.

-Tim & LT

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